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Dart 是一种针对客户优化的语言,可在任何平台上开发快速的应用程序。其目标是为多平台开发提供最高效的编程语言,并为应用程序框架搭配了 灵活的运行时执行平台

Dart is a client-optimized language for developing fast apps on any platform. Its goal is to offer the most productive programming language for multi-platform development, paired with a flexible execution runtime platform for app frameworks.

通常来说,编程语言会包含一些 技术壁垒,即语言在设计中的抉择决定了其功能和优势。 Dart 的语言设计针对客户端开发,它优先考虑多平台 (Web,移动端和桌面端) 上的开发 (亚秒级的状态热重载) 和高质量生产环境体验。

Languages are defined by their technical envelope—the choices made during development that shape the capabilities and strengths of a language. Dart is designed for a technical envelope that is particularly suited to client development, prioritizing both development (sub-second stateful hot reload) and high-quality production experiences across a wide variety of compilation targets (web, mobile, and desktop).

Dart 也是 Flutter 的基础。 Dart 作为 Flutter 应用程序的编程语言,为驱动应用运行提供了环境,同时 Dart 还支持许多核心的开发任务,例如格式化,分析和代码测试。

Dart also forms the foundation of Flutter. Dart provides the language and runtimes that power Flutter apps, but Dart also supports many core developer tasks like formatting, analyzing, and testing code.

Dart 语言

Dart: The language

Dart 语言是类型安全的;它使用静态类型检查来确保变量的值 始终 与变量的静态类型相匹配。这也叫健全类型。尽管类型是强制性的,但由于 Dart 支持类型推断,类型注释仍是可选的。 Dart 的类型系统也很灵活,允许结合使用 dynamic 类型与运行时检查,在测试开发期间,或是遇到需要特别指定为动态类型的代码时,这项特性很有帮助。

The Dart language is type safe; it uses static type checking to ensure that a variable’s value always matches the variable’s static type. Sometimes, this is referred to as sound typing. Although types are mandatory, type annotations are optional because of type inference. The Dart typing system is also flexible, allowing the use of a dynamic type combined with runtime checks, which can be useful during experimentation or for code that needs to be especially dynamic.

与其他许多空安全语言不同, Dart 提供 健全的空值安全,这意味着只有您声明值可以为空的情况下,值才可以为空;当 Dart 确定变量不可为空时,该变量 永远 不可为空。凭借健全的空值安全,Dart 可以通过静态代码分析在运行时保护您免受空值异常的影响。如果你在调试器中审查正在运行的代码,你会看到不可为空性仍在运行时被保留 (所以是完全空值安全)。

Dart offers sound null safety, meaning that values can’t be null unless you say they can be. With sound null safety, Dart can protect you from null exceptions at runtime through static code analysis. Unlike many other null-safe languages, when Dart determines that a variable is non-nullable, that variable is always non-nullable. If you inspect your running code in the debugger, you’ll see that non-nullability is retained at runtime (hence sound null safety).

以下代码示例展示了 Dart 语言的一些功能,包括库、异步调用、可空和不可空的类型、箭头语法、生成器、流和 getter。想要查找使用更多 Dart 功能的示例,请参阅 示例页面。要了解有关 Dart 语言的更多信息,请参阅 Dart 语言之旅

The following code sample showcases several Dart language features, including libraries, async calls, nullable and non-nullable types, arrow syntax, generators, streams, and getters. To find examples of using additional Dart features, see the samples page. To learn more about the language, take the Dart language tour.

import 'dart:math' show Random;

void main() async {
  print('Compute π using the Monte Carlo method.');
  await for (final estimate in computePi().take(100)) {
    print('π ≅ $estimate');

/// Generates a stream of increasingly accurate estimates of π.
Stream<double> computePi({int batch = 100000}) async* {
  var total = 0; // Inferred to be of type int
  var count = 0;
  while (true) {
    final points = generateRandom().take(batch);
    final inside = points.where((p) => p.isInsideUnitCircle);

    total += batch;
    count += inside.length;
    final ratio = count / total;

    // Area of a circle is A = π⋅r², therefore π = A/r².
    // So, when given random points with x ∈ <0,1>,
    // y ∈ <0,1>, the ratio of those inside a unit circle
    // should approach π / 4. Therefore, the value of π
    // should be:
    yield ratio * 4;

Iterable<Point> generateRandom([int? seed]) sync* {
  final random = Random(seed);
  while (true) {
    yield Point(random.nextDouble(), random.nextDouble());

class Point {
  final double x;
  final double y;

  const Point(this.x, this.y);

  bool get isInsideUnitCircle => x * x + y * y <= 1;

Dart 库

Dart: The libraries

Dart 拥有 丰富的核心库,为许多日常编程任务提供了必要工具:

Dart has a rich set of core libraries, providing essentials for many everyday programming tasks:

  • 为每个 Dart 程序提供的内置类型,集合与其他核心功能 (dart:core)

    Built-in types, collections, and other core functionality for every Dart program (dart:core)

  • 更丰富的集合类型,诸如队列、链接列表、哈希图和二叉树 (dart:collection)

    Richer collection types such as queues, linked lists, hashmaps, and binary trees (dart:collection)

  • 用于在不同的数据表示形式之间进行转换编码器和解码器,包括 JSON 和 UTF-8 (dart:convert)

    Encoders and decoders for converting between different data representations, including JSON and UTF-8 (dart:convert)

  • 数学常数和函数,以及随机数生成 (dart:math)

    Mathematical constants and functions, and random number generation (dart:math)

  • 为非 Web 应用程序提供的文件、套接字、HTTP 和其他 I/O 支持 (dart:io)

    File, socket, HTTP, and other I/O support for non-web applications (dart:io)

  • 异步编程支持,比如 FutureStream 类 (dart:async)

    Support for asynchronous programming, with classes such as Future and Stream (dart:async)

  • 能够有效处理固定大小的数据(例如,无符号的 8 字节整数)和 SIMD 数字类型的列表 (dart:typed_data)

    Lists that efficiently handle fixed-sized data (for example, unsigned 8-byte integers) and SIMD numeric types (dart:typed_data)

  • 用于提供 C 语言风格代码互通性支持的外部函数接口 (dart:ffi)

    Foreign function interfaces for interoperability with other code that presents a C-style interface (dart:ffi)

  • 使用 isolates 的并发编程 — 这些独立的工作程序与线程相似但它们不共享内存并仅通过消息进行通信 (dart:isolate)

    Concurrent programming using isolates—independent workers that are similar to threads but don’t share memory, communicating only through messages (dart:isolate)

  • 基于 Web 的应用程序中需要与浏览器和文档对象模型 (DOM) 交互的 HTML 元素和其他资源 (dart:html)

    HTML elements and other resources for web-based applications that need to interact with the browser and the Document Object Model (DOM) (dart:html)

除核心库外,Dart 还通过一整套软件包提供了许多 API。 Dart 团队发布了许多有用的补充包,例如:

Beyond the core libraries, many APIs are provided through a comprehensive set of packages. The Dart team publishes many useful supplementary packages, such as these:


Additionally, third-party publishers and the broader community publish thousands of packages, with support for features like these:

你可以访问 库概览,查看关于 Dart 核心库的一系列示例。如果你想要查找其他 API,请参见 常用软件包页面

To see a series of working examples featuring the Dart core libraries, take the library tour. To find additional APIs, see the commonly used packages page.

Dart 平台

Dart: The platforms

Dart 的编译器技术可让您以不同的方式运行代码:

Dart’s compiler technology lets you run code in different ways:

  • 原生平台:针对面向移动和桌面设备的应用程序, Dart 拥有具有实时 (JIT) 编译功能的 Dart VM 和用于生成机器代码的提前 (AOT) 编译器。

    Native platform: For apps targeting mobile and desktop devices, Dart includes both a Dart VM with just-in-time (JIT) compilation and an ahead-of-time (AOT) compiler for producing machine code.

  • Web 平台:针对面向 Web 的应用程序, Dart 拥有开发时编译器 (dartdevc) 和生产时编译器 (dart2js)。两种编译器均能将 Dart 转换为 JavaScript。

    Web platform: For apps targeting the web, Dart includes both a development time compiler (dartdevc) and a production time compiler (dart2js). Both compilers translate Dart into JavaScript.

An illustration of the targets supported by Dart

Flutter 框架 是一款流行的多平台 UI 工具包,由 Dart 语言强力驱动,提供一套工具和 UI 库,帮助开发者们在 iOS、Android、macOS、Windows、Linux 和 Web 平台构建优秀的 UI 体验。

The Flutter framework is a popular, multi-platform UI toolkit that’s powered by the Dart platform, and that provides tooling and UI libraries to build UI experiences that run on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, and the web.

原生平台的 Dart (JIT 和 AOT 机器码)

Dart Native (machine code JIT and AOT)

在开发过程中,快速的开发周期对于迭代至关重要。 Dart VM 提供了一个实时编译器 (JIT),编译器拥有增量重编译功能 (支持热重载)、运行数据收集(用于驱动 DevTools)以及丰富的开发调试支持。

During development, a fast developer cycle is critical for iteration. The Dart VM offers a just-in-time compiler (JIT) with incremental recompilation (enabling hot reload), live metrics collections (powering DevTools), and rich debugging support.

当应用程序可以部署到生产环境时 (无论是发布到应用程序商店还是部署到生产后端), Dart AOT 编译器提供原生的 ARM 或 x64 机器码的 AOT 编译。经过 AOT 编译的应用程序将稳定快速地启动。

When apps are ready to be deployed to production—whether you’re publishing to an app store or deploying to a production backend—the Dart AOT compiler enables ahead-of-time compilation to native ARM or x64 machine code. Your AOT-compiled app launches with consistent, short startup time.

经过 AOT 编译的代码会在高效的 Dart 运行环境中运行,该运行环境拥有健全的 Dart 类型系统,并使用快速对象分配和 分代垃圾收集器 来管理内存。

The AOT-compiled code runs inside an efficient Dart runtime that enforces the sound Dart type system and manages memory using fast object allocation and a generational garbage collector.


More information:

Web 平台的 Dart (使用 JavaScript 开发和部署)

Dart Web (JavaScript dev & prod)

Dart 的 Web 支持让你可以在 JavaScript 驱动的网页平台上运行 Dart 代码。使用 Web 环境下的 Dart 时,你可以将 Dart 编译为在浏览器中运行的 JavaScript 代码,例如: Chrome 中的 V8

Dart Web enables running Dart code on web platforms powered by JavaScript. With Dart Web, you compile Dart code to JavaScript code, which in turn runs in a browser—for example, V8 inside Chrome.

Dart Web 包含了可以实现快速开发周期的增量开发编译器,同时还有用于针对生产环境优化的编译器 dart2js。后者使用了类似移除不可访问代码的技术,将 Dart 代码编译为快速、紧凑、随时随地可部署的 JavaScript。

Dart web contains both an incremental dev compiler enabling a fast developer cycle, and an optimizing production compiler, dart2js, which compiles Dart code to fast, compact, deployable JavaScript using techniques such as dead-code elimination.


More information:

Dart 运行时环境

The Dart runtime

不论你在哪个平台上使用、选择如何构建你的代码,执行代码时都需要一个 Dart 运行时环境。这个运行时环境负责下面的关键任务:

Regardless of which platform you use or how you compile your code, executing the code requires a Dart runtime. This runtime is responsible for the following critical tasks:

  • 内存管理: Dart 使用一个受管理的内存模型,未被使用的内存会由垃圾收集器 (GC) 回收。

    Managing memory: Dart uses a managed memory model, where unused memory is reclaimed by a garbage collector (GC).

  • 执行 Dart 语言的类型体系: Dart 语言里大多数类型检查都是静态的(编译时),但仍有部分检查是动态的(运行时)。比如,Dart 运行时环境会在遇到 类型判断运算符 时执行动态检查。

    Enforcing the Dart type system: Although most type checks in Dart are static (compile-time), some type checks are dynamic (runtime). For example, the Dart runtime enforces dynamic checks by type check and cast operators.

  • 管理 isolates: Dart 运行时环境会负责控制主 isolate(代码通常在这里运行)以及其他应用创建的 isolate。

    Managing isolates: The Dart runtime controls the main isolate (where code normally runs) and any other isolates that the app creates.

在原生平台上,Dart 运行时环境被自动包含在独立的可执行文件中,是 dart run 命令提供的 Dart VM 的一部分。

On native platforms, the Dart runtime is automatically included inside self-contained executables, and is part of the Dart VM provided by the dart run command.

学习 Dart

Learning Dart

学习 Dart 有很多选择。以下是我们推荐的一些方法:

You have many choices for learning Dart. Here are a few that we recommend: