dart pub publish

Publish 命令是 Pub 工具 中的一个命令。

Publish is one of the commands of the pub tool.

$ dart pub publish [--dry-run] [--force]

该命令用于将你的 Package 发布到 pub.dev 网站 以供其他人下载和依赖。有关如果将你的 Package 发布以及哪些文件可以发布哪些不应该发布的信息请查阅 发布 Package

This command publishes your package on the pub.dev site for anyone to download and depend on. For information on how to prepare your package for publishing, and what files you should include or exclude, see Publishing packages.



你可以查阅 全局选项 获取 Pub 命令所支持的命令选项。

For options that apply to all pub commands, see Global options.

--dry-run 选项或 -n 选项

--dry-run or -n

该选项可以让你运行上传 Package 的整个流程但不会真正地上传任何文件到 pub.dev 网站。此操作可以让你在真正上传到 pub.dev 网站前检查你的上传等相关配置是否有误。

With this, pub goes through the validation process but does not actually upload the package. This is useful if you want to see if your package meets all of the publishing requirements before you’re ready to actually go public.

--force 选项或 -f 选项

--force or -f

该选项让 Pub 在上传时不再向你进行确认。正常情况下,它会在你上传时向你显示 Package 的内容以及向你进行确认。

With this, pub does not ask for confirmation before publishing. Normally, it shows you the package contents and asks for you to confirm the upload.

如果 Package 存在错误,Pub 则会退出且不继续进行上传。如果出现的是警告,则 Package 会依旧被上传。若你想确保你的 Package 在上传前没有警告,请确保不要使用 --force--dry-run 选项。

If your package has errors, pub doesn’t upload it and exits with an error. In the event of warnings, your package is uploaded. To ensure that your package has no warnings before uploading, either don’t use --force, or use --dry-run first.